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this is a league for those who enjoy online fighting games.
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 Finish your fights!

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PostSubject: Finish your fights!   Sun Jun 24, 2012 3:13 pm

I know which of you guys have been trying to contact your opponents. This is you last day to finish this weeks card. I'm gonna start making the new cards later on this evening. Those who got yellow cards last week will recieve a red one, and lose their fighters. So check the rosters later to see what new fighters will be open.

I know I've told a couple of you...I'm gonna be goin outta town this week for just a few days. I wanted all the fights done so I can do the new cards before I take off, which is tomorrow early morning. I myself will not be able to do any fights until I return. I should be back by thursday. I'll message pizarro, but I do need the rest of you guys who agreed to help run the site to put in some work until I get back. Thanx guyz

WW Nick Diaz (6-0) *Champ*
LW BJ Penn (4-5-1)

MW Vitor Belfort (7-2)
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Finish your fights!
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